The 10 best secluded Beaches in Rhodes island

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1. Fokia Beach, Pefkos

Experience the true Rhodian lifestyle at the secluded cove of Fokia admiring the lush mediterranean landscapes and listening to the cicadas sing. Located just 5km away from Lindos

2. Fourni Beach, Monolithos

Lay until the sun sets in the sea at the western tip of Rhodes. Fourni at Monolithos is one of the island's lushest beaches

3. Mavros Kavos, Katavia

It takes a twenty minute off-road drive to get you to Mavros Kavos, but this will reward you with the most amazing feeling of wilderness. No visible construction is nearby and a very limited number of people know about this beach. Chances are you will be swimming alone all day long!

4. Arkeftas Beach, Pefkos

Open towards the Mediterranean sea, Arkeftas guarantees crystal clear waters in a natural environment away from the crowds. Go there early in the morning and stay all day until you watch the sun set behind the southern tip of the island.

5. Kopria Beach, Ataviros

Like a hidden treasure, it is tough to find but as soon as you do it will reward you. This pebbled beach is a small cove with only a handful of sunbeds and a restaurant.