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Best Luxury Hotel in Rhodes | Caesars Gardens Hotel & Spa in Lindos


Our mission is to completely delight and satisfy our guests.

We are committed to making a difference every day; continually getting better to keep us the best.

Our guiding principles underpin everything that we do on a daily basis, ensuring that we operate to the highest possible standards. 




Delighting our guests 

We will strive to understand our client and guest needs by listening to their requirements and responding in a competent, accurate and timely fashion. We will design and deliver our services and products to address their needs. In fact, we are committed to exceeding their expectations by surprising them with our ability to anticipate and fulfill their wishes. 

Working together as colleagues 

We will emphasize the sharing of responsibility, accountability and recognition through a climate of teamwork. By working together as colleagues and by treating each other with mutual respect and trust.


Promoting a climate of enthusiasm 

We are committed to everyone by providing a caring, motivating and rewarding environment. We are committed to bringing out the best in our people through effective training and meaningful career and personal development, and by encouraging individuality and initiative. 


Playing by the rules 

We will maintain integrity, fairness and honesty in both our internal and external relationships and will consistently live up to our commitments. 

Acting with responsibility 

We will actively participate in the improvement of the environment, just as we will be responsible members of our communities and industry organisations.

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