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Things to do in Lindos


One of the most stunning and vibrant settlements in Rhodes Island, Lindos is a place of huge historical importance, where people can enjoy the Aegean sun just below the magnificent Acropolis built 500 years BC. Packed with restaurants, cafes and shops, Lindos is always filled with people that want to enjoy their vacation to the fullest.

Discover Rhodes Old Town


The largest of the Dodecanesse islands, Rhodes has been a desired destination from antiquity, to the medieval era through to modern day. Its historical importance along with the summer sun, the Aegean sea and the people's culture, all give this island its overwhelming grace. 

things to do on Rhodes island

Whether lying on a beautiful beach, wind serfing in Prassonisi, visiting the butterly valley, the ancients ruins or simply explore the nature of the island through its magnificent costs and mountains, make Rhodes a destination which catters for all tastes and activities.