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Things to do in Rhodes island

Wonder around the coastline and discover the typical Mediterranean landscaped beaches, from golden sand stretches, colorful pebbles to small cave-like shores. Swim in the crystal waters and explore the islands hidden treasures.


Hike to the mounts of Attaviros and be rewarded with spectacular views of the island and the Aegean.


Take a tour to Embona and the local wineries and degust local varieties by small producers.


Visit Monolithos and enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sun getting drawn in the deep blue sea.


Regenerate yourself in the seven springs and travel through the secret tunnel with the flowing water. 


Drive to the butterfly valley and explore the island's wildlife in a spectacular show of colours.


Taste the local gastronomy and guide your senses through the finest delicacies of the island.

Things to do in Rhodes island
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