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Indulge yourself in a blissful state of relaxation at The Magnolia Spa, a holistic sanctuary set within a fragrant Mediterranean garden and lush natural landscaping. 
Inspired by nature to impart a spiritual sense of well-being, this exclusive setting pairs local ingredients with indigenous soothing traditions performed in the most unique of spa locations for a total sensory experience

Integration with the natural world is an essential component of The Magnolia Spa, and in the very heart of the Aegean Islands, we welcome you to a world of tranquility and rejuvenation.



Massage Treatments


30 Minutes 50€ - 60 Minutes 85€ - 90 Minutes 120€


Rhodian Specialty Massage

Aromatotherapy Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Balinese Head Massage

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Reflexology and Oriental Foot Massage

Hawaian Lomi-Lomi Massage

Indian Ayuvedic Full Body and Head Massage

Deep Barefoot Back Walking

Thai Massage

Thai Herb Massage (Pra Krop)

Couples Massage

4 Hand Massage

Treatment Packages


Body and Face Relaxation                                      1,5 hours 120€

Oriental Cleansing                                                     2 hours 150€

Thalassotherapy Detox                                           2,5 hours 180€

Rhodian Specialty Herbal                                          3 hours 210€

Thai Journey                                                            3,5 hours 240€

Personal Creation                                                    15% reduction

Body Care


30 Minutes 50€ - 60 Minutes 85€ - 90 Minutes 120€


Yogurt Mouse Facial & Body Hydration

Oriental Full Body Cleanse and Exfoliation

Exotic Tiare Flower and Aloe Vera Body Nourish

Lime, Sweet Orange & Grapefruit Tension Reliever

Thalassotherapy Detoxification & Ant-cellulite treatment

Facial Care


30 Minutes 50€ - 60 Minutes 85€ - 90 Minutes 120€


Marine Thalassotherapy

*Marine active intensive moisturizing care

*Collagen algae Anti-age



*Neroli mud natural cleanser

*Rose with honey gentle nourisher


Asian Delicatessen

*Rise with soya firming treatment

*Yogurt mouse Hydration


Herbal Moor Mud Back Cleansing Treatment

Nail Care


Manicure                         30€

Pedicure                          35€

French Manicure             35€

French Pedicure              40€

Deluxe Spa Manicure     45€

Oriental Spa Pedicure    50€

Nail Polish Change         13€

Gel Manicure                   50€

Gel Pedicure                    55€

Gel Removal                    10€


Half Leg                         20€

Full Leg                          25€

Bikini                              20€

Underarms                     15€

Eye Brow                        13€

Lip                                   13€

Back                                25€

Chest                              25€


Soft Look                        30€

Night Look                     35€

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